January 11, 2010

What's for dinner?

After I got off to a rocking start this morning with a bowl full of oaty goodness and a nice run, things came to a sudden halt at school. School. Enough said.
The way that my course is broken down, we have 4 classes 4 days a week for 4 hours a day. Our terms are only 10 weeks, so it's a lot of work in a little time, but we're done our BA in one straight year.

So school, being school in January was mediocre. I tried to liven my life up with some veggies mid morning, but that didn't exactly tickle my fancy. So what did I do? I skipped the afternoon of course to go and hang out with my boyfriend. We've both been super busy and not been able to catch up with one another, so having an extra hour or two in my day is always nice, especially when I get to spend it with the gent.

After my veggies/skipping school venture, I came home and made myself a quick lunch of green salad with mary's rice crackers and some left over tri tip from Sunday's dinner, I followed that up with a couple pieces of mango and went for a drive to the airport to drop my dad off.

I went on by the health food store on my way home and finally decided to get on the Chia bandwagon. Not sure if I'll like them, but I bought a lot, so I'm hoping they're not half bad.. Let me know if you have any great recipes for them. I'd love to hear!

I came home from the grocery store with some new yogi tea to try, whipped up a pot and got back to my books. I lasted a good two hours and then had to start making dinner.

So- What's for dinner? Sesame tofu (soy sauce, mirin (or rice vinegar), firm tofu, sesame oil, garlic and ginger) with roasted buttercup squash and cauliflower. Not going to lie, I went back for 2nds on the cauliflower (roasted at 425 for 20minutes with olive oil and salt/pepp-- to perfection!), we also had an apple to munch on at the dinner table afterwards, so I polished off half of that.. I was so full all I could really squeeze in for dessert was a piece of my favorite Denman Island dark chocolate, so rich and so smooth, 70% cocao- I feel like it's good for me!

Three cheers for Monday being over, onto Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

that dinner looks amazing!!!

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