January 14, 2010

Leftovers- and then some

So this morning I went trotting off to school like I had no cares in the world, but that was all a lie. I had a huge debate this afternoon on whether or not the Olympics should have rotating host cities or if it should stay in one place.

I was on the rotating side, I loove the Olympics and am all about a great party- even if you have to pay it off for a couple (or 30 years afterwards)-- taxes are still going to go up, at least this way we have some fun as they do! (ask me about food and fitness, not finances) The debate went well, my team obviously won, but we didn't win the swing vote which was the whole point- I don't mind though, we had more votes!

So, food stuff! After my hills, I had my oats from breakkie and then at lunch I had the above salad with leftover hummus, 2 corn thins with AB (I ran out of RFJ), and a grapefruit.

I was starving when I got home, so I ate some leftover spaghetti squash with turkey sauce. I didn't even look at my homework and then my dinner has been a bit random. I had some baked Guiltless Gourmet tortilla chips (crunch factor) and I got a new organic peanut butter which I love, so I decided to have it in half a pita with banana (2nd one today!), and to top it all off, I'm having a bowl of steamed veggies with soy sauce and maybe a hint of goat cheese.

So random, but my mind is fried and doesn't know what it wants! But at least, it's all things healthy and yummy, just in random orders, and snack size! hahah

Hope everyone had a great day today, Happy Thursday!


Emily said...

I could survive on peanut butter and banana. Its so good! :)

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

i agree- i think it hsould rotate!!

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