January 17, 2010

Breakfast x2

So I fell off the wagon a bit on posting what I'm been noshing on, here's a shot of yesterday's breakfast-- I don't think you want to know what I ate after that, we'll just call it a "free" day- it ended in peanut m&ms and licorice at the new Meryl Streep movie, It's Complicated (SO SO SO GOOD! Middle age crisis with middle age sex= so so funny!)

Back on track this morning though, I woke up well rested at 7:30, with homework on my mind. Obviously that has led me to blogging more then working on my books, but I'll take it. Brekkie was another pink-grey-green monster. I'm failing at making these, eventually I'll figure it out, until then, I'll take any advice you can give me on what I'm doing wrong (in making it green- I'm sure I'm doing all right things in making a yummy smoothie).

In it was 1.5C spinach, 1/2 banan, 1 scoop of brown rice vanilla protein, 1/2 C frozen blueberry/rasp combo, 1/4C soy milk and water. I blended it on up in my magic bullet, and it was nowhere near green. I tried though, failed, but tried and I will keep trying. As for the smoothness without the banana, it doesn't exist, I haven't found anything that will give it a velvety texture without a banana (and I haven't looked hard either).

I also enjoyed the other half of banana with some PB on a corn thin, pretty good brekkie, I love the spinach addition, I can't believe I never went there before!


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