January 16, 2010

Good Morning

Nothing to worry about here.

I got up this am super nervous for my first day at run club. It's like starting a new school program, or moving to a new city. Am I going to meet people? I hope they're not all losers.. I hope that I find someone cool to run with... I really don't want to be the slowest one there.. What if my legs give out and my leggings rip and I'm half naked lying on the side of the road as everyone tramples me (ok- far stretched, but what if?!)

Good news! There were cool people to run with, it was an easy pace and it was all over with in an hour and a half (the first half hour was getting organized then we ran for 63mins). I guess we're all in the same boat with our worries, but it's nice to have that first one done and out of the way, and know that I'm going to be ok. Last night I had started to question whether this was something I really wanted to do or not, then this morning our run coach, Mike, was telling me that we're on a 3day a week running program. How Brilliant is that?! Pretty Brilliant.

Obviously I will do more running then 3 days a week, but it's nice to know what my minimum commitment could be and how far I could go with that. So after I got home from my morning run, I was starving! I'd been up since 6:53 am (to be precise) making coffee and enjoying a half banana as my nerves were going nuts. Then by the time 8:30 rolled around, I was hungry and we were just starting to move. I came home and whipped up a bowl of oats (1/4C) with 1T AB, 1/2 banan, 1t Chia seeds, and 2T bran buds; served it up with green tea and now I'm getting ready to head to yoga (making the goals happen, just a little behind this week!)

Off I go, to take on my day! Happy Saturday!


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