January 3, 2010

This is what I did this morning

Followed by a nice bowl of natures path oatmeal (with banana, peanut butter and bran buds to jazz it up), I headed on down to the gym that I work at for 1h15 class known as the drill. It's a continuous circuit that is guaranteed to kick even the fittest person's ass. It was a good time, felt good about it, but afterwards I came to the realization that my holidays are coming to a fast close. School starts tomorrow and with school comes papers, group assignments and deadlines. There's 7months left, 197 days and I can't wait for it to be over.

After the gym today I decided that I would cook up a bowl of broccoli with chicken and have that before tearing down the Christmas decorations. I had no idea, but it can be some serious work going up and down those stairs, all I wanted to eat was a Christmas cookie for energy, but I managed to stay away and stick to what I know: corn thins with almond butter, with a piece of dark chocolate (SUGAR!).

So that's been my day today, no fuss, no muss, the usual kind of happenings.


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