January 18, 2010

Good Bye Blogger

I know it's been a bit short lived on blogger, but I want you to know that I have not gone far.

I've moved to the fabulous wordpress, you can find me at:




Both of those will take you there. I'm looking forward to blogging a lot more into the future, but for my personal vision, blogger was a bit limited.

Thanks to those of you who've supported me on this site, as I dabbled in creating what I hope to be a successful project!

See you at Confessions of a Health Nut!

January 17, 2010

Ventures In Wordpress

I'm trying to get my life sorted and move this blog over to wordpress. While I slowly transfer everything over there, I'm going to maintain this site. To be honest, it's a lot more confusing to someone with very few tech skillz, I will get there one day.. until then, it's blogger baby!

This morning I went for a power walk after I ate breakfast as a break between papers that I had to get done for school this week (I don't like doing homework during the week, or on the weekends, but especially during the week).. Then I came home and ate an early lunch, due to my early brekkie.
So for Lunch I had 1/4C Egg Whites with one whole egg, wilted spinach, goat cheddar and one corn thin (ohhh and ketchup, incase you hadn't noticed)
With lunch I also noshed on a apple and some AB after my eggful delight.

Then, I decided to go for another walk over to a bookstore by my house (again, trying to sort out wordpress- I need to talk to the boys in my program, something tells me I don't need to buy a book for this). When I got home I made a quick snack of goat yogurt, blueberries, cheerios and granola... and some PB pretzels (not shown, but damn good).

For dinner, I made a salad with candied walnuts, blue cheese and apple, with a balsamic-agave-mustard dressing; roasted cauliflower and some balsamic onion/shrooms to go on the steak. It was so filling and so delicious, I just kept eating it! It's Sunday- that's what I do.. eat. everything.
Then after dinner, we had cake! Orange Angel Foodish cake. It had an orange glaze and chocolate ice cream to go with. Neither are pictured since I was too busy stuffing my face to take photos.

Hope you all had relaxing Sundays. I'll be seeing you all tomorrow!

Breakfast x2

So I fell off the wagon a bit on posting what I'm been noshing on, here's a shot of yesterday's breakfast-- I don't think you want to know what I ate after that, we'll just call it a "free" day- it ended in peanut m&ms and licorice at the new Meryl Streep movie, It's Complicated (SO SO SO GOOD! Middle age crisis with middle age sex= so so funny!)

Back on track this morning though, I woke up well rested at 7:30, with homework on my mind. Obviously that has led me to blogging more then working on my books, but I'll take it. Brekkie was another pink-grey-green monster. I'm failing at making these, eventually I'll figure it out, until then, I'll take any advice you can give me on what I'm doing wrong (in making it green- I'm sure I'm doing all right things in making a yummy smoothie).

In it was 1.5C spinach, 1/2 banan, 1 scoop of brown rice vanilla protein, 1/2 C frozen blueberry/rasp combo, 1/4C soy milk and water. I blended it on up in my magic bullet, and it was nowhere near green. I tried though, failed, but tried and I will keep trying. As for the smoothness without the banana, it doesn't exist, I haven't found anything that will give it a velvety texture without a banana (and I haven't looked hard either).

I also enjoyed the other half of banana with some PB on a corn thin, pretty good brekkie, I love the spinach addition, I can't believe I never went there before!

Musings from the Yoga Mat

As I lied there yesterday afternoon listening to the instructor say "Feel this feeling, and know that you're ok in this moment, in this place.." I realized something. I need yoga in my life on a continuos basis. Lot's of times with yoga I like to buy the unlimited passes, and go as much and as often as I can to try and get maximum physical benefits from the practice. But, what I realized yesterday was that's not what I need it for. I can get maximum physical benefits of the gym or on my runs when the DJ is blaring in my ears; what I need from yoga, is a little taste of bliss and a bit of inner peace.

I don't know whether it's the January blues that has me in a bit of a rut, or what it is. I don't actually think I'm in a rut in the big picture (with volunteering, school, marathoning, and work), but internally I have been.

So yesterday I came to the conclusion, that I don't need yoga for physical benefits of any sort. I need it almost as my religion. I'm not baptized, I didn't grow up in a religious home, but I've always felt quite spiritual, and never had an outlet for it. I do every now and again head to church when I'm in desperate needs, or I find myself back on my yoga mat, but for the first time, I'm starting to come to terms with what my yoga mat and spiritual connection is, and I like it.

I don't want to go on and on about my spiritual experiences on the yoga mat, but I think one of the reasons for it's popularity is that religion can be so confusing in todays society. People need to believe in a universe or something bigger then the one we're living in, and I think that it's easier if you didn't grow up with the church to find that on a yoga mat then to adjust your adult beliefs. (Although- I can imagine how great it is if you could combine the two).

Anyways, that was something I wanted to share with you as I woke up this morning, and thought someone could appreciate.

January 16, 2010

Good Morning

Nothing to worry about here.

I got up this am super nervous for my first day at run club. It's like starting a new school program, or moving to a new city. Am I going to meet people? I hope they're not all losers.. I hope that I find someone cool to run with... I really don't want to be the slowest one there.. What if my legs give out and my leggings rip and I'm half naked lying on the side of the road as everyone tramples me (ok- far stretched, but what if?!)

Good news! There were cool people to run with, it was an easy pace and it was all over with in an hour and a half (the first half hour was getting organized then we ran for 63mins). I guess we're all in the same boat with our worries, but it's nice to have that first one done and out of the way, and know that I'm going to be ok. Last night I had started to question whether this was something I really wanted to do or not, then this morning our run coach, Mike, was telling me that we're on a 3day a week running program. How Brilliant is that?! Pretty Brilliant.

Obviously I will do more running then 3 days a week, but it's nice to know what my minimum commitment could be and how far I could go with that. So after I got home from my morning run, I was starving! I'd been up since 6:53 am (to be precise) making coffee and enjoying a half banana as my nerves were going nuts. Then by the time 8:30 rolled around, I was hungry and we were just starting to move. I came home and whipped up a bowl of oats (1/4C) with 1T AB, 1/2 banan, 1t Chia seeds, and 2T bran buds; served it up with green tea and now I'm getting ready to head to yoga (making the goals happen, just a little behind this week!)

Off I go, to take on my day! Happy Saturday!

January 15, 2010

Friday Treat

A Day of New Ventures

Chia seeds in my oatmeal at breakfast, and spinach in my smoothie for an afternoon snack! Today is turning my life around people! Or at least blogging and having all wonderful ideas floating my way through this wonderful way of communications.

After I ate lunch (salad; with tuna, corn, pepper and crackers crunched on top), I went off an taught a little bootcamp to some high school kids. They were hilarious! So tired by the end of it. I remember when I was in high school thinking I was uber fit and could do just about anything, boy, was I wrong!

Alas, that ended at 1:30 and I whipped downtown to meet with the Sexual Assault Centre about volunteering for their annual Triathlon. Needless to say I am on board and so excited to be volunteering with such a great organization. I'm sure I will have lot's more to talk about as my adventure with them progresses, but right now, I'm just excited to get started. I met with an organizer there for about 40minutes and decided we'd meet next week when she had a better idea of where we were going with it.

I managed to drop the marathon bomb on her as well, because let's be honest, I need to make sure I do this after I've talked about it so much. So right after that, I whipped to the running store, filled out my registration and I'm all set. Watch for bib 2354 running down the road if you're there in May, I'll be wearing it! (oh god!)

Once that was said and done, I got home and whipped myself up a "Green Monster" it turned out to be more of a Pink-Grey Teddy bear. I missed the boat on the Spinach (by not putting enough in) and mixed up a scoop of brown rice protein powder, spinach, frozen blueberries, raspberries, soy milk and half a banana. It tasted wonderful, but I think I need to readjust my fruit to spinach ratio. Quick question for you though- smoothies without bananas? Are they just as smooth? I have a hard time imagining it without, or remembering to days without, but I do wonder.. let me know if you have a good banana replacement, maybe I could give that a go.

Wish me luck! I'm off for the night, out for dinner with the manfriend and then getting up early in the morning for my first clinic.. New friends- ahhh!