January 11, 2010

Back to Business Monday

So, after a brownie infested Sunday night, complete with ice cream and raspberries, I'm back to reality, and back to business... It's funny because I tend to think the world will end on Monday, so I eat dessert like it's going out of style... They were whole wheat brownies and it was ice milk, but it didn't matter because I ate so much of it! haha

What does back to business look like? I was up, bright and early for a 12.5km run, it took me about 59minutes to complete. I can do this run faster, but on rainy mornings I head out with my mom and her girlfriend for the plod. I'm just happy to be out, and then will be doing my new favorite style of yoga later- Moksha... If you haven't been, go. It's the funniest, and funnest experience. They play the Beatles as you do sun salutations and tell you, "Just do what your body feels, if you want to dance, dance. If you want to jump around, jump around. Just be here, now."

It's all quite amazing, I'm not a big hippy, but it feels like I could be after going to a class like that-- if I go to enough, you never know, I may end up with armpit hair and dreads.. haha, you should see me, that won't happen.. Just a dream.

Anyways, have fantastic days.

Breakfast? Mango (appie) with Oatmeal combo main dish, and coffee of course, lots and lots!


Anonymous said...

haha i am glad you enjoed the brownies :) you could work on maybe treating yourself a little bit every day? maybe you'd like that? i dont know. my dad always has a little bit of chocolate every day! i love mango :)

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