January 2, 2010

January's Resolutions

Happy New Year!
This year I've decided to change my resolutions up a bit. I'm going to make new ones each month that I check off weekly. This month, I'm starting with oatmeal.

I hate porridge, all I can think of when I think about porridge is gagging down oversweetened spoons of it that I tried to douse in brown sugar so I wouldn't taste the oats. That may or may not have been 15 years ago, but still, the memory haunts me.

Today I started my day with a lovely bowl of steel cut oats, splash of brown buds and a scoop of skippy peanut butter. Yes, I know skippy is not something I should be bragging about on a clean eating web site, but truth be told, I ate OATMEAL and I didn't mind it one bit.

Also, while we're on the honesty kick, I eat gobs upon gobs of almond butter, if you're buying it in a grocery store stop, and get it at costco, you get about twice as much for half the cost.

There you have it, knocking down my first resolution on day 2 of the month, feeling pretty good about it, even better because it fueled me through a 15k run, but I won't get into the fitness just yet.


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